Monday, July 13, 2009

since im up anyways

Its 7am this time around and i have come to the conclusion that sleep is no longer an option for me.

The baby shower was fun, I got lots of good gifts! Oops, I mean WE, as in our family. We are doing thank you cards this weekend, which should be fun.
I have set up Penelope's diaper bag for when we go to the hospital to pop her out. Newborn baby diapers are so small, our cat could wear them if she wanted.
Her crib is almost complete, just need the pink giraffe comforter that we are ordering this friday and she will be set! We also need a net so Sneeze can't jump in with her.

My feet are HUGE. I'm use to having scrawny feet that you can see my bones and veins through. I take pride in them being this way because they were the last small thing on my body. My legs used to be a great attribute, but now they as well suck.

Things are getting more hectic with Chad and I as the due date approaches. We both have different concerns and different ways of thinking that its almost impossible to agree on anything having to do with the baby.
Though our relationship is still great and we are still getting along, I think the nerves are still trying to bring us down. Wont work nerves!

I met some of his Mom's side of the family at the shower, and saw his aunt Annelle again. Debby's sisters Becky and Laurie showed up as well as her niece, Wendy. I love how they all look alike, all very pretty. Mom and I sat with them and talked, I was nervous because I had never met them but the minute we started talking it was like I was talking with my OWN family. They are just as out spoken and silly as I am.
Annelle is his father's sister, last time I had met her, I was about 2 months pregnant and had terrible morning sickness so we didn't really speak. This time around we sat next to each other at Fuentes and actually spoke alot. She really isn't like Chad's father at all. Charles is more awkward and uncomfortable, or was in the begining. I wasn't shy this time and spoke very openly because I was mostly just tired and still excited, which turned out to be a good thing because we got along really well.

I'm sure Ill think of more things that were on my mind this weekend, but Im so drained that I need to attempt this sleep thing again.

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